Roy S. Neuberger has had an improbable, event-filled, eclectic career. He has been a student at Oxford University, a National Park Ranger and Fire Lookout, journalist and newspaper publisher, yeshiva administrator, New York City official, hedge-fund operator, author and speaker.


Roy was born in New York City. His mother, Marie Salant Neuberger, a respected leader in New York City civic affairs, died in May, 1997. His father, Roy Rothschild Neuberger, founder of the Wall Street firm Neuberger Berman, died in December, 2010 at the age of 107. Roy Senior was also a well-known patron of the arts, who received the National Medal of the Arts from President George W. Bush at a White House ceremony in 2007. The family art collection is housed at the Neuberger Museum of Art at the Purchase Campus of the State University of New York.


Roy attended the Ethical Culture Schools in Manhattan (the Midtown School) and Riverdale, New York (the Fieldston School).


He met his wife, the former Linda (now Leah) Villency, in June 1963, while they were both students in high school. Together they attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where they both graduated with high honors in English Language and Literature. Roy received a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature from Michigan in June, 1966 and the following year did graduate work at Balliol College, Oxford University. While in Oxford, Linda studied art at the Ashmolean Museum.


In the summer of 1964, the couple served as Fire Lookouts in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, and the following summer Roy served as a Ranger-Naturalist in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee.


From November 1967 to November 1969, Roy worked under Administrator August Heckscher at the New York City Administration of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs, where he became New York City’s first Director of Conservation


The couple then moved to Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y., where the family purchased a weekly newspaper, The Cornwall Local; Roy served as publisher and editor from 1971 to 1974.


In 1974, after the family became observant Jews, they moved to North Woodmere, Long Island, where Roy became an editor at The Long Island Press, from September, 1974 to the spring of 1977, when the paper ceased operations.


From September 1977 to August 1989 Roy was General Studies Principal of Yeshiva Ateres Yisroel in Canarsie, Brooklyn, and then Administer until March 1991.


Following that he went into the field of finance as Assistant Hedge Fund Manager at Fisher Brothers in New York. From January, 1994 to October, 1998, he operated his own hedge fund.


In October, 1998 he started work on a book that was published two years later as “FROM CENTRAL PARK TO SINAI: How I Found My Jewish Soul.” It was the Number One Jewish-English bestseller for months and has been reprinted many times since then, in English as well as Hebrew, Russian and Georgian. The Spanish translation is currently awaiting publication.


Since the book’s appearance, Roy and Leah have conducted almost seven hundred speaking programs in fourteen countries.


Roy’s second book, “WORLDSTORM: Finding Meaning and Direction Amidst Today’s World Crisis,” appeared in November, 2003.


Roy’s third book, “2020 VISION,” an epic saga concerning the “end of history” and the beginning of the period of the Final Redemption, was published in June, 2008 by Feldheim Publishers. 2020 VISION is now available in Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French and Georgian translation as well as the original English.


2020 VISION is the subject of a full-length movie currently in preparation under the guidance of internationally-respected rabbis. This action-adventure movie is intended as a kiruv tool of epic proportions.


A fourth book, WORKING TOWARD MOSHIACH, is due for release in the spring of 2015. With an introduction by Rabbi Pinchos Lifschutz, Publisher of Yated Ne’eman, this book is a compilation of Roy’s weekly columns in that distinguished newspaper, which serves the observant Jewish community throughout the United States. Roy writes a weekly column for Yated Ne’eman as well as a front-page column for the Jewish Press several times during the year.


Roy and Leah have children and grandchildren in New York, New Jersey and Israel.




Leah Neuberger, the former Linda Villency, was raised in Long Island, the product of a successful family for whom Jewish observance had become a relic of the past. She lived an “American” childhood, attending the finest schools. Her father, an artist and craftsman who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, was the descendant of a rabbinical family from Vilna, Lithuania. In 1916, he immigrated to New York and founded what became an iconic New York business, Maurice Villency Furniture.


Linda met her future husband, Roy, at the Fieldston High School in Riverdale, New York, and together they attended the University of Michigan, where she graduated with High Honors in English Language and Literature. They both went on to Oxford, England, where she studied art.


Both she and Roy felt there must be more to life. Roy’s book, “FROM CENTRAL PARK TO SINAI: How I Found My Jewish Soul,” (Jonathan David Publishers, Nov. 2000) recounts their spiritual journey, as a result of which “Linda” became “Leah” and the family adopted the traditional Jewish lifestyle.


Since the first book was published, Roy and Leah have spoken extensively – both separately and together – in almost seven hundred programs in fourteen countries., Roy has since published two more books, “WORLDSTORM: Finding Meaning and Direction Amidst Today’s World Crisis” (Israel Book Shop, Nov. 2003) and “2020 VISION” (Feldheim Publishers, June, 2008). A third book “WORKING TOWARD MOSHIACH,” is due out shortly.


Besides speaking, Leah edits all her husband’s writings.